Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Thanks, DAD!

My Dad was visiting for a couple of weeks and I made very good use of his time. He is a very "Handy" man, so of course Hubby and I found lots of work for him to do. The carpet in our home was dirty and stained so we knew when we moved in it had to go. We did not want to put new carpet in but we did not have the money for hardwood floors. Lucky for us we got a great deal on laminate flooring and we saved a mint buy installing it ourselves. when we say ourselves we really mean my Dad did it!

This is what the carpet looked like before it was ruined by vandals. It was nothing special just your basic builder grade carpet.

This is half way through the installation of the flooring. Thankfully the concrete slab was in good condition.

Here are the new floors that I LOVE. The floor looks great and I couldn't be happier. Dad, you did a great job and we are so thankful.

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Odette said...

Our Daddy is "The Shizzle"!!! The floors look Beautiful!!!